Hanergy launch solar-powered car range

Chinese solar power company launches four solar-powered cars

Hanergy launch solar-powered car range

Forget about plug-in hybrids and electric cars, Hanergy Holding Group (HHG) in China believe the future of cars is solar power.

HHG has just unveiled the above range of four full solar power vehicles, one of which being a sports car, known as the Hanergy Solar R.

They say the thin-film solar cells that the vehicles are covered in can be integrated into a variety of products, including unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile phones, backpacks and clothes.

While the company saying it’s range of cars will offer zero emissions and use solar energy as their main source of driving force.

That driving force provided by way of a photoelectric conversion system, an energy storage system and an intelligent control system.

Dr Gao Weimin, HHG CEO, says four full solar power vehicles are covered in up to 7.5 square metres of the flexible solar cells.

“With five to six hours of sunlight, the thin-film solar cells on the vehicle are able to generate eight to ten kilowatt-hours of power a day.”

“This allows it to travel about 80 km, equivalent to over 20,000 km annually, which satisfies the need of driving in a city under normal circumstances.

“With this disruptive innovation, the full solar power vehicles no longer need to rely on charging posts like traditional electric vehicles.”

We will keep you updated on further developments from HHG.

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