Great Digital Gadgets for Your Car

Great Digital Gadgets for Your Car

New gadgets are always appearing on the market, though some of them are better than others for drivers and their passengers. Those aimed at car owners are the ones we’re interested in and the following gadgets can be used for day to day use or even just for long road trips.

With the resurgence of the Star Wars genre, we’re spoilt for choice on a whole load of fun gadgets. The Stormtrooper USB car charger has form and function, as it looks cool while charging your mobile device so you can play games. You’ll feel like the emperor as you dispatch this little gadget to keep your smartphone or tablet all topped up with juice. You can use this in conjunction with other charging products to make sure that you never run out of battery when you need it most.

Lots of things that we do while driving can significantly impact the battery life of a phone. Whether it’s listening to podcasts or using the GPS, having these chargers as a backup can ensure that you can make emergency calls if needed.

If you find yourself working in the car, or just spending a lot of time there between picking up the kids and dropping them off, then make the most of that time. A work surface can attach to your steering wheel to allow you to work, read or play games while you wait. We recommend that you don’t play bingo games on your mobile when you driving however, as these and other games can affect your perception and reaction times.

Great Digital Gadgets for Your CarOne of the most frustrating occurrences for a driver is when objects disappear down the side of the seat. The well in the middle acts as a Bermuda Triangle at times and the last thing that you want is to lose your phone or wallet down there. When you do, cue a period of moving the seat, raking behind it and trying not to break whatever you’ve lost. The Seat Gap Filler takes away that small space that these objects seem to enjoy hiding behind and prevents the need for all that hassle.

If you’re tired of constant car clutter then get your car in check with an organiser to reduce the mess. It stops the car from becoming a mess and makes it much easier to find the things you’re looking for. If you’re accustomed to a lone morning commute and need a space to keep all of your files and folders then a passenger seat organiser may be what you’re looking for.

Having too much clutter in your car can be dangerous, especially if it falls or rolls under your pedal, so clean your car out regularly.

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