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Government charges putting the squeeze on motorists

New AAA report says getting about costing us all more dollars

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An increase in household spending on transport has been found with the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) pointing the finger at increasing government fees and charges for the rise.

The AAA has just released its latest Transport Affordability Index (September quarter) which has found that Aussie households are now shelling out 14.1% of their total annual income on transport.

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That percentage of income expenditure of transport increased by 0.7% of a percent in the previous quarter.

AAA CEO Michael Bradley says city-based households are now paying an average of $17,485 per annum - an increase of $191 since the previous index, when factors such as car registration, CTP insurance, public transport, tolls and maintenance were tallied.

“The increases we have seen over the quarter are largely attributable to increases in government fees and charges.

“It really highlights that transport is a significant and unavoidable cost to households and needs to be considered by all levels of government when formulating policies.”

While perhaps not surprisingly, Sydney and Melbourne were found to be the most expensive cities to get about in with household annual expenditure of $22,350 and $18,716 respectively.

Regional Australians were paying a national average of just $13,883.

You can access the full ATA Transport Affordability Index here.

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Do those figures seem right to you? Are you spending that much money on car and transport costs each year? Do you think it’s more expensive than ever to own and run a car?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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