Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder Review

Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder Review

Simon Lai reviews Gator in-car cam with front and rear camera.

Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder Review
Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder Review.

Continuing our review of the Gator series of in-car dash cams, and following on from my review of the Full HD unit, next in line is the Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder.

This model, as the name suggests, comes with the standard front camera as well as a smaller rear camera. The front camera comes with a 1280x720P resolution, 140° wide angle lens.

The rear, surveillance type camera has a metal bracket attached for you to fix it to the desired location with the adhesive sticker or screws supplied. Unfortunately the one I had was not centred properly meaning the camera was not orientated horizontally.

The rear camera also plugs straight into the main unit meaning the cord is quite long and cumbersome and will need to be tucked away.

The resolution in the rear camera is a lot less than the front but is still clear enough to see what’s going on. And the footage from the front and rear cameras are stored in separate folders. A quick look at the time signature makes it easy enough to match up the corresponding clips.

As with the upper spec model, the DVR 720P has functions like picture quality and exposure options, auto motion detection which will turn the camera on when it sees any quick and sudden movement.

Like most car cameras, recording will continue until the memory card is full. After this the camera will overwrite the oldest data. So if you record some important footage you want to keep, switch off the device immediately and save the data. You can also instruct it to record in 1, 2, 5 or 10 minute segments making the files easier to manage.

The 720P version also comes as a base model without the rear camera and is my recommendation for the everyday user. 720P is a decent resolution that is sharp enough without being too blurry and comes in at an affordable price.

Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder Review
Gator HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder Review.

The HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder with Front & Rear Camera [HDVR245H] has a RRP of $199.00

While the HD DVR 720P Car Camcorder [HDDVR202] retails for $129.99 ***Special Deal - Order a Gator HD DVR 720P from us for just $105.99, including Australian postage! Click here to order***

Both models come with a 4GB micro USB card are available from Autobarn, Autopro, Supercheap Auto, Repco, Car Audio Maters and independent car retailers.


  1. I have had my Gator HDDVR202 since Christmas.
    I t has run on the loop since with the 4GB card provided, but then decided to not recognise the card, saying install memory card while it was already inserted.
    Thinking the card was the fault I replaced it with a new one, but then it kept saying memory error .
    This was a present so I don’t have a receipt.
    what a waste of money

  2. super cheap auto will not replace my Gator that was purchased in dec 2014, it ran good for 4 months and now nothing works. screen showed loading icon and that’s all and then battery failed and wont charge at all, Super Cheap refused a refund on product and replace it with another Gator - not happy with super cheap Melton Victoria. Standard Australian laws state he has to supply refund for a faulty product, but this owner said no, it while have to be proven to be faulty before refund, and that can take months. Super Cheap sucks

  3. Battery stuffed like everyone’s , 20 seconds is all it lasts , 3 months after I bought it . Have to run it on car charger all the time .

  4. Supercheap auto is offering these for $99 right now…. after reading all the comments I don’t think I will get it…. 🙁

  5. Had the rear view mirror dash cam combo installed by an auto electrician last week. Reverse camera works but the dash cam doesn’t. Would not recommend product

  6. I had no problem with mine for three years I put a larger memory card in it powered it from the cig lighter
    i format the disk now and then to erase old file
    but don’t leave it on the window in the heat my mount fell apart
    hard to get a replacement one

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