France to ban petrol, diesel cars

France to ban petrol, diesel cars

2040 ban for internal combustion

Another step towards the increased use of electric vehicles has been taken with France announcing overnight that it would ban the sale of petrol and diesel-powered cars.

Sure, it won’t be until 2040, but the move is seen as another milestone in the switch away from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

France’s Energy Minister Nicolas Hulot says the move is part of a bid to become a carbon-neutral nation.

The nation will also offer tax incentives to replace diesel-powered cars that are more than 20 years old and petrol-powered vehicles made before 2001.

“France wants to become the No. 1 green economy.” Mr Hulot said.

Automotive News predicts the announcement of incentives to trade-in older cars will be good news for France’s domestic car makers – Peugeot/Citroen (PSA).

PSA will offer electric versions of 80% of its models by 2023.

The move comes just days after Tesla announced it was putting the much more affordable EV, the Model 3, into production.

And Volvo only yesterday said it would have an all-electric/hybrid vehicle range within two years.

Is the big switch on? Let us know how you feel about EVs and hybrids in the comments section below.

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