FPV GT F Auction raises nearly $400,000

FPV GT F Auction raises nearly $400,000

Two final Falcon GT’s auctioned to raise funds for charity.

FPV GT F Auction raises nearly $400,000
Only 500 of the GT F Falcon’s will be sold in Australia, New Zealand gets a total of 50.

The online auction of two of Ford’s final GT Falcon’s has ended and in total nearly $400,000 was raised for charity.

For the benefit of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), the FPV GT F sedans sold – car number 001 and number 500, sold for $157,600 and $236,100 respectively.

Ford Australia President and CEO Bob Graziano welcomed the result of the auction with the two historic Falcon’s now heading to owners in WA and Victoria.

“The auctioning off of these two iconic vehicles will provide necessary support to the NBCF to fund their equally passionate researchers in their bid to achieve a future of zero deaths from breast cancer in 2030.”

“Given the historical significance of both cars, we expected to raise considerable funds for NBCF and I am thrilled with the final result.”

Joel Helmes