Ford SYNC 3 Connectivity System Review

A review of the new Ford SYNC 3 system at its Australian launch

I got along to the Australian launch of the new Ford SYNC 3 Connectivity System and had the opportunity to get acquainted with it in the real world.

I’m pleased to say Ford is on a winner here with an in-car feature that is both lightning fast and very easy to use.

Ford tell us their research has found that today features like infotainment and connectivity are extremely high up on car buyer’s priority lists and that’s why they’ve invested heavily in the updated system.

It also comes after more than 10 years of SYNC system development and Ford has even taken on-board feedback from more than 22,000 owners of Ford vehicles fitted with the system.

The end result is a new and improved system that they hope provides a seamless transition between owner’s digital life and driving life.

SYNC 3 brings some changes for 2017 and beyond:

Gone is the four segment set-up that you might be familiar with in SYNC 2, in its place is a three segment main screen layout.

While SYNC 3 also welcomes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

I use an iPhone, and after getting about using the Ford software I plugged my phone into the car and had a good play using the Apple CarPlay interface.

The Apple CarPlay system is extremely functional and easy to use and this is primarily because it simply works as extension of your phone.

That means features like Siri and Google Maps work seamlessly and it’s extremely easy to send and receive text messages, all just from voice prompts.

You can also have all your favourite podcasts (hopefully including Behind the Wheel) at the push of a button or two and the system very easily plays music off your phone too.

Probably the best bit of the new system though is simply the speed that it runs at.

There really is no lag whatsoever (as you can see in the video below) and this is very pleasing.

The 8” screen is bright and easy to see and the graphics are simple/bold and easy to read with nicely-sized buttons and controls.

While to keep SYNC 3 updated all you need to do is sync it to your home Wi-Fi connection.

All up, yep, Ford is on a winner here with a system that does all it promises and all without too much fuss.

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