Ford revolutionizes car service key-drop

Ford revolutionizes car service key-drop

New tech allows car owners to safely drop off their vehicle…

For many people the only way they can get their car dropped off for a service or repairs is to leave the vehicle early in the morning, before the repair shop is open.

This traditionally means dropping your keys through a slot in the door, or into a letter box type set-up.

But that’s not really very secure, is it?

And, what do you do if you have to pick up your car after the repair shop is closed for the day?

Ford USA believe they might have the solution to the problem with this new ‘Smart Service Kiosk’ now being trialled at the Lafontaine Ford dealership in Michigan.

Developed in partnership with Panasonic and GoMoto, the ATM-like device allows not only for a safe key pick-up/drop-off place, but you can also pay for the repairs/servicing too.

Not only that, the 24/7 device can even take your service bookings and provide you with the keys to a loan car.

Daren Kinder, service manager at Lafontaine Ford has told Automotive News that the kiosk has been a handy addition.

“The simplicity and ease of use is a huge advantage for us.

While he says customer feedback has also been positive.

“We haven’t had anyone have a negative comment.”

We will keep you updated with further news regarding this technology as it comes to hand.

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