Ford Ranger underbody question

Has your Ford Ranger been catching dry matter underneath?

We received an interesting message from one of our readers/listeners, Kurt.

Kurt says…

Just wanting to let you know about my problem with my new Ford Ranger.

I brought my cab chassis in early March and after using it around the farm I’ve now found out it collects dry matter on the cross member of the chassis which in turn gathers around the exhaust pipe.

I’ve had three fires under my ute so far.

After looking seriously at trading it in, I’ve started looking under vehicles to see where grass and other objects can gather and Toyota Hilux looks to have a lot cleaner area under there.

Many of us take no notice of this issue when buying a vehicle.

Does any of that sound familiar with you? Have you had a similar issue with the Ranger, or comparative vehicles?

Is the HiLux any better?

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