Ford named most American car company

Ford named most American car company

Our US cousins are about to celebrate one of their proudest and most important days on the calendar – the Fourth of July.

With the stars and stripes flying proudly, the question has been asked, what is the most American car brand and model?

Industry analysts Experian examined vehicles on US roads to see how many were manufactured in America.

They also looked at which car manufacturers had the highest percentage of domestically made vehicles in 2016.

It was Ford that topped the study results in regards to current models with 81.2% of its 2016 range being locally built.

Ford finished ahead of GM (70.1%) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (63.1%).

Japanese brands Honda (61.9%) and Nissan (54.7%) were found to also have a large percentage of vehicles manufactured in the US available today.

Jeep was declared the most “American” brand, with 96.7% of Jeeps on US roads assembled in the country, followed by Oldsmobile (93.3%), Saturn (92.4%), Ford (83.1%) and Cadillac (80.6%).

While the most “American” model? The Ford F-150.

The Ford pick-up, which is the most popular vehicle on US roads, boasts a 93% home-grown status and finished ahead of the Honda Accord (88.3%) and Toyota Camry (86.9%).

While every Nissan Altima and Ford Explorer on the roads in the US was built in the ‘Land of the Free’.

“With the number of vehicles on the road rising steadily, it’s a pleasant sign that a good majority are still being built in the United States,” said Marty Miller, senior manager, Experian Automotive.

“The fact that vehicles are being assembled in the country means that jobs are also being created and maintained domestically.”

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