Ford Mustang awarded shock two-star ANCAP Safety rating

Popular Ford sports car falls short on safety credentials...

Ford Mustang awarded shock two-star ANCAP Safety rating

The Ford Mustang has proven to be a popular seller in Australia since its reinvention being the number one sports car under $80,000 last year.

During that time the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) had not got round to testing the Mustang’s crash safety, until now.

After running the assessment the Ford Mustang has earned a surprisingly low two-star ANCAP safety rating.

ANCAP stated the Ford sports car fell short in all areas of testing including adult and child occupant protection and safety assist.

In a time where the vast majority of cars earn a five-star safety rating that it has become the norm, the Mustang’s poor showing is sure to shock many owners, and potential owners.

The driver’s and front passenger’s head were seen to contact the steering wheel and dashboard in the frontal offset test due to insufficient inflation of the airbags.

In the full width frontal test, rear passengers ran the risk of serious head, chest and leg injury.

While in the pole test (side impact with pole), the driver’s door opened and whiplash protection in the rear-end collision was limited.

Ford Mustang awarded shock two-star ANCAP Safety ratingBut according to ANCAP Chief Executive Officer James Goodwin, it was the Safety Assist component were the Ford Mustang scored the lowest with only 2 out of 12 points.

“It’s disappointing speed assistance systems, lane support systems, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning and rear seat belt reminders are all missing from the Mustang.”

With an updated version coming next year, Mr Goodwin says Ford needs to rectify the issue and fast.

“I would encourage Ford to swiftly introduce design and production changes to improve its safety performance.”

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