February 26, 2020

Ford finds fuel economy a top priority for car buyers

Ford study confirms economy often more important than power…

A wide-ranging study conducted across the Asia-Pacific region by Ford has found fuel economy is often a bigger priority to car buyers than power.

The survey included more than 9,500 drivers and determined that four out of five Australians rank fuel efficiency as their top priority when purchasing a new vehicle.

While that same percentage of respondents said that they made a concerted effort to drive efficiently on a daily basis.

Interestingly though, the majority weren’t able to correctly identify simple fuel saving steps.

And 33% of Australian drivers didn’t know that harsh acceleration and braking can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption.

Ford Fuel Economy Survey – Key Findings:

  • 20% believed keeping the engine running while idling will save more fuel
  • 70% were unaware cruise control can deliver fuel efficiency benefits
  • 10% use GPS to map the quickest route before heading out
  • 40% didn’t know driving in hilly terrain can hamper fuel consumption
  • 24% knew cold weather could affect efficiency, 27% knew hot weather was a factor
  • 47% knew removing heavy items or clutter from the car could help save fuel
  • 33% were unaware regular maintenance and keeping tyres inflated helps save fuel

“The survey shows that consumer attitudes towards power and fuel efficiency are shifting and industry sales are supporting that notion,” said Graeme Whickman, President and CEO of Ford Australia.

“Understanding how to drive efficiently is very important as drivers continue to be sensitive to fuel costs, no matter what the price is at the pump,”

“Efficiency from both the vehicle and the driver are significant factors.”

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