Ford Falcon and Territory get SYNC2

Latest generation of Ford in-car technology arrives.

Ford’s SYNC2 system even allows you to program the sat-nav via voice commands!

The Ford Falcon and Territory may be facing a bleak future but the two models will go out with the latest generation of Fords in-car communications and entertainment system.

Ford Australia today announced that both models will now be fitted with SYNC2, ahead of more Ford models getting the upgrade in 2015. Featuring a high-resolution 8-inch colour touch screen, the system promises to be an easy point of entry to manage climate, phone, navigation and infotainment settings.

SYNC2 also offers users two other ways to interact - physical buttons and voice control. Ford says the driver can control the car’s entertainment system, climate control, satellite navigation and linked mobile devices - like compatible smartphones - with voice commands.

It will also call emergency services via your synched smartphone if it detects the car has been in an accident and the system has even been designed to understand the Australian accent!

Ford Australia President and CEO, Bob Graziano says Falcon and Territory buyers will be impressed.

“SYNC2 offers a cutting-edge experience to Ford customers with great features such as voice-controlled navigation and Emergency Assistance.”

Joel Helmes

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