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Ford Everest gains wheel and tyre option

No cost option for top of the range Titanium

Ford Everest gains wheel and tyre option

Ford has responded to Everest owner feedback and now offers a no cost option of wheel and tyre choice for the Ranger-ute-based SUV.

The proviso is they’re only available on the top spec Everest Titanium and are intended to allow owners to take full advantage of the vehicle’s off road capabilities.

The choices are an 18×8-inch alloy wheel, with an increased tyre sidewall for improved off-road performance, or the current 20-inch alloys that are more road oriented.

The choice of wheel and rubber increases the diversity within the Thai-built, locally designed and engineered Ford Everest range.

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Feedback from owners suggested Ford needed to offer Everest with a more off road capable wheel/tyre package as many owners actually take their vehicle into the bush or well and truly off road.

An 18-inch wheel and tyre is better suited to this application.

Thankfully, Ford includes a matching full-size alloy spare wheel.

The 18-inch package includes wheel, tyre and suspension changes, as well as Driver Assistance Technology re-calibrations for a cohesive package to perform at its optimum level.

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Ford Australia boss, Graeme Whickman says they’re aiming to meet the needs of their customers.

“The Everest has been awarded for its off-road capability, and many of our customers have and do take full advantage of this. We’ve responded to this call, and we’re pleased to offer greater choice for Everest customers.”

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