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Ford develops fatigue battling trucker cap

The Safe Cap developed by Ford in Brazil

ford driver fatigue cap

Most of the time a trucker cap is little more than a fashion accessory, perhaps also giving some shade from the sun when out of the cab.

But this new truck cap designed by Ford’s Heavy Truck division in Brazil could be a lifesaver – and no, we aren’t talking about saving you from skin cancer.

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The hat comes equipped with sensors that interpret the driver’s head movements to warn if the user is tired or sleepy behind the wheel.

If it detects that the wearer is getting sleepy it will vibrate, sound an alert and turn on a flashing light.

The hat was recently presented as part of the celebration of 60 years of production of Ford’s Trucks in Brazil.

Lyle Watters is the president of Ford South America, he says the cap is a great idea.

“Ford is the first automotive company to think about creating a wearable device for drivers to use for the time when they are behind the wheel that can contribute to prevent accidents.

“This way, we are able to reinforce our commitment on bringing embedded technology not only for vehicles, but also through accessories that are capable of making the lives of drivers easier and the focus on safety as a priority in our technology investments.”

Ford is about to complete testing of the hat and will patent the idea, at this stage though they say there are no plans to put the cap into production.

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