Five Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Some simple ways to ensure you are well covered at a great price…

Five Ways to Save on Car Insurance

We are all looking to save a few dollars, while also making sure that we are adequately covered for unforeseen events.

One way of lowering the annual cost of car ownership is to ensure you have the correct car insurance for you and your set of wheels.

Car insurance advisors iSelect sent us their top 5 tips for finding the best value car insurance:

Look for value, not just a low price

Don’t just think about price, as opting for the cheapest policy may not cover you for everything you need and policies that offer better value inclusions and benefits aren’t always more expensive.

Regularly review your car insurance needs

Your renewal notice should be a reminder to review your policy and make sure it’s still the best value for your needs and budget.

Policies and discounts can change year on year so it’s always worth taking the time to speak to an adviser and compare your options.

Combine multiple cars under one policy

Multi-car policies can offer great value, and the more cars on the policy, the more you could save.

They are especially good for households with teenagers or adult children still living at home.

Get the maximum discount

You may not be getting the maximum discount you are eligible for based on your driving and claims history.

Your rating should move with you even if you change insurer or policy type and you may even be eligible for the maximum discount when taking out a new policy if you have a good driving history.

Bundling isn’t always cheaper

Bundling your car insurance with another product (such as home & contents) under a multi-policy isn’t always cheaper.

You may find that two separate policies not only better suit your individual needs but end up cheaper.

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