First signs of Nissan-Mitsubishi marriage in Australia

First signs of Nissan-Mitsubishi marriage in Australia

Nissan and Mitsubishi team up locally on parts, finance strategy…

It has taken a few months; however, we are now starting to see the first signs of Nissan and Mitsubishi working together in Australia.

As reported here, Nissan now owns a controlling stake in its long-time Japanese rival and that means we can expect to see co-engineered models here, such as a new Nissan/Mitsubishi ute, in coming years.

Today Nissan and Mitsubishi announced the creation of a new financial services business for Mitsubishi-Motors – Mitsubishi Motors Financial Services.

The new operation will mirror the already established Nissan Financial Services Australia.

While the partners will also now share parts and accessories warehousing and logistics operation in Australia.

The new operation will be based at an all-new 36,000 square metre warehouse facility in Melbourne and both Nissan and Mitsubishi say it will deliver various benefits to both companies.

We will bring you more details on the Nissan/Mitsubishi alliance as they come to hand.

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