First order placed for hydrogen-powered Hyundai cars

ACT Government orders twenty Hyundai Hydrogen cars

First order placed for hydrogen-powered Hyundai cars

In what could be a game-changer for hydrogen-powered cars in Australia, the ACT Government has confirmed it has placed an order for twenty hydrogen-powered Hyundai’s.

Hyundai has been testing and showing a hydrogen-powered ix35 in Australia for some time now and even has its own refilling station in Sydney.

Now the Korean manufacturer also has the honour of being the first car company in Australia to actually take an order for the clean energy tech.

The ACT Government will use the cars as part of a $23 million trial of renewable energies, starting in 2018.

In confirming the order this afternoon, Hyundai Australia CEO, Charlie Kim, said the hydrogen cars will be next-generation Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles that will be launched in 2018.

“Hyundai’s leadership in hydrogen has been rewarded with a contract to supply 20 of our next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the ACT Government,”

“This first small step toward a zero-emissions transport solution for Australia is very significant and we are proud to be involved.”

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