Film award for truck safety video

U.S. road safety video gets award

A road safety video that aims to better educate car drivers about how best to share the roads with trucks has won a respected video award.

The video, simply called ‘Share the Road’, was produced by the American Trucking Associations and has taken out a Telly Award.

Those awards celebrate excellence in the film and video industries and have been handed out over the past 38 years.

ATA Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs and COO Elisabeth Barna welcomed the recognition.

“It has always been important for the Share the Road program to engage our audience with informative, engaging videos, events, news articles and other mediums,”

“We are thrilled that this video continues to reach large audiences and spread a strong safety message to motorists.”

Check out the video for yourself…

Professional Truck Driver Allen Boyd says the video is exactly what’s needed to help bridge the gap between car and truck drivers.

“For truck drivers, like me, it’s valuable for the motoring public to understand where the blind spots are, so I’m glad we were able to showcase each of the blind spots and give them tips on how to pass a truck safely,”

“Without video, it can be hard to explain some of these safety concepts to other drivers, but it’s our job to do our best to promote safety in a way that’s easy for people to understand.”

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