Ferrari F40 named Best Supercar…Ever!

Ferrari F40 beats home strong field to be crowned the greatest

Ferrari F40 named Best Supercar…Ever!

The Ferrari F40 might not have been the most user-friendly supercar ever, but the iconic model has certainly won plenty of hearts over the years.

So much so that the model, which has graced the walls of poster-hanging Ferrari fans for nearly 30 years, has just been named the Best Supercar of all Time!

The Ferrari F40 has topped the poll that was carried out by the organisers of The Fast Car Festival - a major new car show set to take place in the UK later this month.

In total, the F40 gained 18% of the vote and that was enough for the model, which famously was the last Ferrari model to be signed off by company founder Enzo Ferrari, to take top spot.

  1. Ferrari F40
  2. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
  3. Ferrari La Ferrari
  4. McLaren F1
  5. Koenniggsegg
  6. Porsche 911
  7. Pagani Zonda
  8. Ferrari Enzo
  9. Audi R8
  10. Jaguar XJ220

Did the voters get it right? Is the Ferrari F40 the best supercar ever? Where’s the Bugatti Veyron? Lamborghini Countach? We’d love to get your opinions below.

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  1. Indeed the F40 is a worthy winner and she’s also the last real Ferrari, being commissioned by the late exo.

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