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Fercam impressed by tyre inspection technology

Fercam impressed by tyre inspection technology

When you’ve got a big fleet of trucks, even a somewhat simple procedure such as checking tyre condition can become a major, costly exercise.

Fercam impressed by tyre inspection technologyBut the Italian logistics service provider Fercam is happy to sing the praises of an innovative new automatic tyre inspection system from VENTECH Systems.

Fercam uses a fleet of 2,850 vehicles to keep freight moving to and from a mammoth 394 distribution centres across Italy and Europe and late last year installed the new tyre inspection system at its Bolzano facility.

The PNEUSCAN system works by way of floor-mounted sensor plates that scan the tyres and measures tyre pressures as well as tread depth. If it finds any issues its lets the driver know.

The system also checks axle loads, a major plus for operators crossing borders where different regulations could be in place.

After scanning 83,600 tyres in just five months, Fercam driver, Andreas Schreck, says the system is proving a great timesaver.

“Compared to the past, when we still checked the tyres manually, we can now save a lot of precious time and are on tour with the certainty that we will not experience a break-down somewhere with a flat tyre.”

VENTECH Systems has a presence in Australia through local partner TyreTrend.

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