Female car buyers ready to haggle

Female car buyers ready to haggle

US study finds more women are up for negotiating a car deal.

Female car buyers ready to haggle
We welcome the fact that the majority of buyers researched their purchase before heading to a dealership.

The old days of letting the man handle buying the family car looks to be going by the wayside as female car buyers in the US report an increasing desire to drive a deal.

The study, undertaken by Swapalease.com, found 33.3% of women thought negotiating a deal with a car salesperson made car buying a fun process, this compares to just 25.1% of men who looked forward to the haggle!

One area though where men look set to make life difficult for car salespeople is the amount of discount they are hoping to achieve – 81.3% of men reported aiming to negotiate $2,000 or more off the price, compared with 63.8% of women.

And 20.7% of women said they look to negotiate $1,000 off the price, compared with just 9.9% of men.

The Detroit Bureau also reports that 22.4% of women try to first focus on the monthly payment, compared to just 8.9% of men and the majority of both men (60.6%) and women (53.5%) said they like to have research their car purchase before they enter a dealership.

Joel Helmes