FCA responds to US car hacking story

FCA responds to US car hacking story

Fiat Chrysler Australia says no local vehicles affected.

FCA responds to US car hacking story
FCA responds to US car hacking story - hackers were able to gain control of the Jeep via the vehicles wireless connection system.

Fiat Chrysler Australia (FCA) has moved to reassure Australian owners that their cars sold here are not able to be hacked after a video from the US showed hackers taking control of a Jeep.

The video (below), was produced by a US journalist with the help of a former National Security Agency staffer, and shows how they managed to hack into the control systems of the Jeep as it travelled down a highway by way of manipulating the vehicles UConnect external cellular connection.

The vehicle, being driven by the journalist, was hacked with the use of a laptop and mobile phone via the wireless internet connection with the hackers able to remotely take control of the car, including functions such as brakes and steering.

In a statement released by FCA this morning, the company said;

Fiat Chrysler USA was aware of a potential issue within the UConnect’s external cellular connection and on July 16 owners of vehicles with this feature were notified of an update that has now resolved this wireless connection issue.

FCA USA has a dedicated team from System Quality Engineering focused on identifying and implementing software best practices. The team’s responsibilities include development and implementation of cybersecurity standards for all vehicle content, including on-board and remote services.

As such, FCA released a software update that offers customers improved vehicle electronic security and communications system enhancements. The Company monitors and tests the information systems of all of its products to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the ordinary course of business.

No vehicles in Australia nor any international market outside of the USA were affected by this issue, as it is an American-only system not present in Australian vehicles. Vehicles sold in Australia and other international markets are not equipped with an external cellular connection.

Joel Helmes