Extended range for 2017 BMW i3

New battery tech takes BMW i3 EV even further

BMW is adding another two variants to the i3 line-up in Australia, both featuring extended driving ranges over the standard model.

Known as the BMW i3 94Ah, prices start from $65,900, while the version with the on-board Range Extender is priced from $71,900.

Those prices mark a $2000 premium over the standard BMW i3 versions.

The new variants boast a pure EV range of about 200km. While the addition of the Range Extender gets the BMW EV a total range of around 320km.

The more powerful batteries though don’t add any extra oomph to the model, the power and torque outputs across the i3 range are 125kW/250Nm.

While Australian owners will be still able to recharge the BMW i3 94Ah via a standard home electrical connection (as well as options like the BMW i Wallbox Pure).

The BMW i3 94Ah comes with a high-voltage battery that consists of eight modules with twelve storage cells each

BMW Australia boss Marc Werner telling us the new i3 variants make the EV model even more relevant.

“The latest BMW i3 reinforces the BMW i brand’s innovative strength and builds on the positive reactions drawn from the recently-launched iPerformance vehicles; products that directly benefit from the work done at BMW i.”

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