Experts discuss how to boost women in trucking

Lack of knowledge the big hurdle to getting more female drivers…

It is an ongoing issue that we will continue to cover – the widespread shortage of truck drivers.

The problem is particularly prevalent here in Australia, even to the point that the driver shortage has been described as the biggest issue facing the industry locally.

In North America, the challenge of boosting truck driver numbers is also ever-present.

One talent pool that hasn’t been properly examined, according to industry experts, is the potential to boost the number of females working in the industry, particularly in driving jobs.

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A conference on that very issue has just been held in Canada where delegates from human resources and trucking industry groups discussed ways of making the industry more attractive to women.

One factor that everyone seemed to agree on was that the truck and logistics industry has done a poor job of highlighting the positives of a career behind the wheel.

Trucking HR Canada CEO Angela Splinter telling that this lack of knowledge is probably why the industry remains dominated by men.

“Only just over a quarter of all people employed in the industry in Canada is female and of those, 18% are managers, 15% supervisors and only 3% are engineers or technicians.

“To me, these numbers mean more can be done,”

“We need to make sure we are reaching out to all talent pools and it’s not about affirmative action, it’s about not overlooking 50% of the possible labour pool.”

While Deborah Gee, an industry consultant and former driver, says the industry needs to focus on simply telling women about the opportunities that present.

“I think it’s got to just be a lack of communication on what the job entails,”

“Its not something that just a man can do.”

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