Euro 6 for Scania V8 engines

Euro 6 for Scania V8 engines

New tech helps big Scania engines to Euro 6…

Did someone say V8 truck engines would be killed off by increasingly strict emissions rules? Well it looks like the demise of the V8 diesel is still a long way off.

Scania has just announced that new technology has helped it tweak its famous V8 truck engines to meet Euro 6 requirements and also use less fuel.

The engines, ranging up to 650hp, are promising fuel consumption improvements of up to 10%.

Scania’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Alexander Vlaskamp, says the V8 engine has proven a popular option for applications that need plenty of power and torque for more than five decades.

And he says into the future V8 engines will continue to be on offer.

“Vehicle combinations with higher combined truck and trailer weights are a key factor in the shift to smarter transport,”

“They are also the reason behind the trend towards an increased demand for more powerful truck engines.”

Scania Australia tell us V8 engines will continue to feature in local models into the future, though there is no official word on when the new Euro 6 powerplants will land here.

As always, we will keep you updated in our Scania News section.

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