Emergency Assist system added to Ford Focus ST

Emergency Assist system added to Ford Focus ST

Emergency Assist system added to Ford Focus ST

Sporty Focus joins Kuga in offering potentially life-saving technology.

Ford Focus ST
The Ford Focus ST, now comes with SYNC-based Emergency Assistance system.

The performance version of the Ford Focus is the latest model from the blue oval to pick up the smart SYNC-based Emergency Assistance system.

Ford Australia today announced the system will be rolled out in the new Focus ST, even better, Ford has promised to retrospectively add the system to Focus ST models sold since last October, at no charge to owners.

In all 704 customers can claim the offer, Ford says the addition of Emergency Assistance takes about half an hour and can be completed by Ford dealerships.

The SYNC-based system detects if your vehicle has been in an accident, if you have a mobile phone paired to the car it will automatically call emergency services and supply key information like the GPS location of the vehicle.

The potentially life-saving technology has already been introduced in the Ford Kuga, and now features in five million Ford vehicles worldwide.

Key facts about Ford SYNC:

  • It is a free service for the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Emergency Assistance calls the emergency services directly with Vehicle occupants can speak directly to the emergency services operator from inside the vehicle if required, or can continue to communicate via the mobile phone if the occupants are required to move away from the vehicle
  • Ford’s Emergency Assistance introductory message provides key incident information such as the vehicle’s GPS location to the operator.
SYNC-based Emergency Assistance system
The system automatically calls emergency services if the car is involved in a crash.

Ford Australia Vice President Marketing, Sales and Service, Brad Brownell, says Ford has taken the lead in pursuing this new era of in-car connectivity in Australia.

“We’re really excited to announce that we’ve been able to make it available to our Focus ST customers earlier than we anticipated,” Brownell said.

“This technology is already proven in other markets and it will provide important peace of mind for our customers.”

The Ford Focus ST is priced from $38,290.

Joel Helmes