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Electric garbage trucks confirmed for LA

New zero-emission trucks about to get to work

Motiv electric refuse truck

There’s no doubt that city buses are a great application for an electric drivetrain, another perfect application is in refuse trucks.

Both applications require a lot of stopping and starting, and both vehicles have plenty of space for substantial battery packs that enable them to do a day’s work without needing a recharge.

They can also operate without any noise and that has to be a positive, especially for residents having their waste and recycling collected!

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U.S. based electric vehicle manufacturer Motiv Power Systems has just announced that it will soon be handing over two zero-emission refuse trucks that will be put to work in Los Angeles, California.

The project is being funded by the California Energy Commission.

LA Electric Refuse Trucks – Key Data:

  • Payload capacity of nine tonnes
  • Powered by 10 battery packs
  • Up to 212 kW/h of power
  • Motiv high power charger enables overnight charging

Motiv CEO Jim Castelaz says the two trucks alone are expected to save more than 22,000 litres of fuel annually.

“Fossil-fuelled garbage trucks emit about 20 times the carbon of the average U.S. home.

“They achieve just two to three miles per gallon (between 0.85 and 1.27 km to a litre), and stick to standard routes, making them ideal electrification targets,”

“We’re proud that our all-electric refuse trucks will help the city achieve its cleaner air goals, as well as save on operational and maintenance costs.”

The company is also hoping to be able to display the potential benefits of its scalable All-Electric Powertrain.

Motiv say this would allow the city to have the same drive system for every work truck and city bus in the fleet, thus lowering complexity and reducing maintenance costs.

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We will keep you updated with further details on the electric refuse truck trial as additional comes to hand.

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