Drivers want Plug-In Hybrids instead of Conventional Hybrids

It seems like just five minutes ago that petrol/electric hybrids were considered ‘the future’, now it appears the technology in pioneering models like the Toyota Prius have had their day.

A study out of Germany has found that drivers now consider plug-in hybrid vehicles to be more attractive and practical than conventional hybrids. The survey, commissioned by GKN Driveline, found 75% of motorists preferred the idea of plug-ins.

61.2% also agreeing that an electric range of 50km would meet their daily needs.

And while 96% of the 1000 drivers surveyed said they are environmentally conscious to some degree, practical considerations such as value for money overruled a desire to save the planet!

Those factors most likely to persuade drivers to consider a plug-in hybrid, included; greater availability of charging points (52%), tax incentives (45%), performance improvements (33%), with environmental concerns (32%) the fourth most important factor.

While 52% said their perfect car would combine plug-in charging with all-wheel drive.

GKN Automotive President of Engineering Peter Moelgg telling Behind the Wheel that the survey found clear support for plug-in hybrid models.

“Drivers are environmentally conscious and like technology to offer clear benefits. The challenge is introducing eco-friendly technologies that add real value for them.

“We believe that plug-in hybrids with all-wheel drive make sense – and the public’s positive response to them, such as in the Volvo XC90 and BMW i8, can only continue to grow.”

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