Drivers support senior driver identifiers

Drivers support senior driver identifiers

Survey finds many drivers would give senior drivers more time and space, if they were more easily identifiable.

Many drivers support ways of identifying older drivers.

The survey, which involved 17,629 AA members, found 47 per cent tried to give older drivers a wider berth, and younger respondents were also as considerate of another driver’s age as older ones.

But, the issue raises an interesting question – should senior drivers be encouraged, or even required, to have some sort of plate (similar to an L or P plate)?

Paul Green, of Saga insurance, says the figures suggest that signs drawing attention to an “experienced” driver could have a similar effect to the “baby on board” stickers displayed by new parents.

“Anything that tries to encourage politeness on the roads should be welcomed.”

The survey also found that 22 per cent of drivers would be more likely to give way to a classic car, but one in five said they would be less likely to yield to a 4×4 or a luxury car.

Joel Helmes