Drivers regularly asleep at the wheel

Drivers regularly asleep at the wheel

British drivers admit nodding off.

Tired driver
Women are much less likely than men to fall asleep at the wheel.

Despite the warnings many motorists are continuing to drive while tired.

A UK car insurance group has surveyed over 2500 British drivers, they found as many as around 10% admitted to knowing that they had nodded off while at the wheel in the past year.

While in most cases these “micro-sleeps” were for only a period of a second or two, at just 80km/h your car can travel as far as 26 metres in this time.

Nearly half of the drivers blamed monotonous roads for sending them to sleep, while a quarter said they were lacking sleep overnight, one in ten blamed holiday driving and 1 in 33 blamed their medication.

Not surprisingly the time of day that the motorists were traveling was a significant factor in their fatigue , in fact it was found that over half (56%) of those who fell asleep while driving say it happened between 8pm and 6am.

The issue is particularly prevalent in male drivers, who are nearly three times more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel than their female equivalents.

Joel Helmes