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Driver’s encouraged to check their vehicles before the end of warranty

Servicing early may say you some dough

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of your new car warranty only to have a major repair when it was trouble-free for the previous 3 or 5 years.

Some may put this down to bad luck, but the experts say owners could save themselves some money with a simple check.

A survey by NRMA of its members in NSW and the ACT found 17% of drivers have experienced mechanical problems of some nature, after the manufacturer’s warranty ended.

Most issues related to the drivetrain or gearbox, the engine or an electrical fault.

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NRMA Executive GM Sam Taranto says the average age of vehicles in Australia is getting older with nearly 80% of owners driving a car that is beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Yet of these, only a quarter have had their cars inspected before the warranty period expired.

He says drivers can give their cars the once over before the end of the warranty.

“While cars are becoming more and more reliable, mechanical problems do still exist and the NRMA is encouraging it members to get a comprehensive vehicle inspection prior to the end of the life of the warranty to ensure that any servicing is covered, helping to reduce the cost for the driver.”

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