Drivers back mobile phone blocking technology

UK study finds motorists would accept tech that blocks out phones…

Drivers back mobile phone blocking technology

The driver distraction issue could be solved with technology that will block mobile phones from working while inside a moving car, and a survey in the UK has found strong support for its introduction.

Two-thirds of the 1000 motorists polled by Continental Tyres said they would support the disabling of mobile phone functions for the sake of safety, if the technology was introduced as a legal requirement.

Those functions that would be blocked include web-browsing, emails and the ability to send and receive texts.

Driver psychology expert, Professor John Groeger, said the findings show that people are aware of just how distracting mobile phones in cars can be.

“It is really interesting that motorists want an enforced solution rather than to curb their own behaviour,”

Meantime, despite the strong support for the blocking technology, 46% of the drivers still said that they think it is OK to look at their phone when stopped or in slow moving traffic.

“Our research reveals that drivers know that their use of phones is illegal, distracting and dangerous yet they cannot help themselves,” said Continental Tyres’ safety expert Mark Griffiths.

“Nearly half, 45%, told us they struggle to be digitally disconnected and 28 per cent felt that so many people now checked their mobile in traffic it had become normalised.”

Would you welcome the mandating of mobile phone blocking technology in cars? Or, is it up to drivers to do the right thing and obey the law? Let us know below.

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