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Driver shortage now most critical issue facing trucking

ATRI says a lack of drivers is industry’s biggest issue

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Ask fleet operators in Australia and they’d probably agree – getting truck drivers, especially skilled drivers, is an ongoing challenge.

We just reported yesterday that as many as 50,000 truck drivers are now needed in the U.S. and now comes an official classification of the truck driver shortage being the biggest issue facing the trucking industry’s.

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The ATRI say the significant need for qualified drivers to meet the nation’s growing freight demand surged six spots in the annual survey to top the list of concerns this year.

2017 ATRI Truck Industry Critical Issues:

  1. Driver shortage
  2. Mandate on Electronic Logging Devices
  3. Lack of available truck parking
  4. Driver retention

The findings come after a wide-ranging survey of 1500 operators and drivers and aims to help policy makers and groups like the American Trucking Associations determine what the top priority areas are.

How can the driver shortage be solved?

The ATRI is recommending that the industry work with state and federal authorities to develop a graduated commercial driver’s license program.

They say this will help attract safe, younger drivers to the industry.

The body also recommends that the industry look at working with the U.S. Department of Labor to formalize a national driver recruitment program.

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Check out more details on the ATRI survey here.

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