Driver distraction named biggest safety threat

UK driver study finds road users most worried about distraction…

Driver distraction named biggest safety threat

It’s the biggest road safety issue facing all of us heading into 2017 – driver distraction.

We already know the statistics, about a quarter of all fatal crashes can be attributed, at least in part, to driver distraction and as more gadgets get added to our cars it looks like it’s an issue that won’t be going away any time soon.

Autonomous cars and additional driver aids might be the answer; however, we are still years away from technology providing us with a complete solution.

How concerned are people about driver distraction?

Well, the road safety charity, Brake, has surveyed 1000 UK drivers as part of the nation’s Road Safety Week and found driver distraction and speeding are considered the biggest threats on our roads.

76% ranked speeding or distraction most highly, well ahead of drink and drug-driving (18%), vehicle emissions (3%), poor vision (2%) and not wearing a seat belt (1%).

“Our survey shows that drivers are aware of the threat of risky behaviour by other drivers, but are inclined to play down the riskiness of their own behaviours,” said Gary Rae, director of communications and campaigns for Brake.

“Everyone who drives has to step up and take responsibility.

“If every driver vowed to slow down, never drink alcohol or take drugs, never use their phones or other devices, always use seat belts and child restraints, drive when fit to do so, and minimise driving, then our roads would be safer places for everyone.”

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