Driver assistance system gives you eyes in the back of your head

New Bosch tech detects cyclists

Bosch DAS

Emergency braking systems are becoming more and more commonplace in modern cars and Behind the Wheel is always advocating their inclusion in even in base model new cars.

Electronics giant Bosch has come up with a new driver assistance system that is installed with cyclist detection.

Its radar sensors detects an imminent collision with a bike or pedestrian crossing in front and can bring the vehicle to a full stop from 40kph in just 190milliseconds.

That’s apparently faster than the time it takes us to blink twice.

The system also has a car exit warning that provides an over-the-shoulder view when opening the door that alerts the occupant to an approaching object such as a bike from the rear.

This also means many cyclists won’t go flying head over heels when they unsuspectingly slam into a car door.

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Dr Dirk Hoheisel from Bosch says technological assistance is crucial especially in busy city traffic.

“Driver assistance systems are the next stop along the path toward accident-free driving as they are always vigilant and respond quicker than people do.”

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