Double recall for four Audi models

Double recall for four Audi models

Four Audi models caught up in two separate recalls…

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are overseeing two separate recalls announced for four Audi models.

The first recall affects three Audi models - the S6, RS6, and S7 and comes after Audi Australia was made aware that due to manufacturing tolerances, the fuel line in these vehicles may become damaged after a period of time.

In a worst case scenario, this can cause fuel leakage which poses a potential fire hazard.

In all 109 vehicles sold in Australia will need to be returned to Audi dealerships to have the issue rectified, Audi is contacting owners directly.

Meantime, owners of Audi A8 vehicles can also expect a letter from Audi regarding the recall of their cars over a potential fault with the sunroof.

Only 9 vehicles sold in Australia will be affected, the ACCC say an unfavourable stress distribution was set up in the glass roof panel during production.

This can cause the glass panel to break unexpectedly.

This usually happens when a door is slammed closed while the vehicle is stationary.

The ACCC say if this was to occur a slight risk of injury caused by falling pieces of glass cannot be ruled out.

More information on these two recalls can be obtained by calling Audi Customer Service on 1800 502 834.