Dodge Ram proves perfect for Beekeepers

Dodge Ram proves perfect for Beekeepers

The owners of a busy Canberra-based beekeeping company say they’re glad they chose a Dodge Ram for the business.

Dodge Ram proves perfect for BeekeepersVictor Croker and David Leemhuis of Australian Honeybee spend hours in the Dodge RAM 3500 Tradesman traveling as far as 850km from Canberra to harvest premium Australian native honey from a collection of hives spread across cattle and cropping stations in the bush.

Featuring a tray that was built and fitted by Shogun Conversions to carry the bee hives and other equipment, the Dodge also happily pulls along a purpose- built 6-wheel trailer fitted with a crane.

So impressed by the set-up, especially the four-wheel drive trucks ability off-road, Australian Honeybee has just ordered a second RAM.

Victor and David tell us the new RAM will be fitted with a special gooseneck trailer hitch in order to tow a new purpose-built 7.6m deck trailer.

This new combination will enable them to harvest even more honey each trip, with the Dodge boasting a 3.5 tonne payload and a ten tonne ton trailer allowance.

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