Diesel engines on the nose at Porsche?

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Porsche considers ditching diesel

After the dramas of the last couple of years and a general shift away from diesels among car buyers, it probably isn’t a surprise to read that Porsche is considering ditching diesel engines.

CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume has told reporters that a decision will be made by the sports car and SUV maker on the future of its diesel engines at the end of this decade.

“Of course, we are looking into this issue, (but) we have not made a decision on it.”

Porsche has offered diesel-powered models since 2009 and today about 15% of all Porsche sales are for diesel-powered vehicles.

What would replace diesel engines in the Porsche models of the new decade? Blume was quoted as saying that there would likely be a mix of combustion engines, as well as plug-in hybrids and fully-electric powertrains.

One opportunity that Porsche parent, Volkswagen Group, is looking at, according to Mr Blume, is the sharing of EV technology between the German sports car manufacturer and sibling, Audi.

Porsche and Audi, which are among the most profitable divisions of VW, have a new production platform code-named PPE in the works.

“Further platforms are conceivable, for instance with SUVs.” says Mr Blume.

One possible candidate for this type of cross-sharing could include an electrified version of the extremely popular Porsche Macan SUV.

Mr Blume says moving away from diesel, and adopting more electric and hybrid powertrain options could pay off for Porsche in highly-populated centres.

“We expect the metropolises in China and Asia will switch to pure electric mobility very fast,”

“I believe there will be few pure combustion engines to be seen in the large cities there in five years’ time.”

The news that Porsche is considering ditching diesel comes after France recently announced it would be banning petrol/diesel cars and Aussie car buyers continued to avoid diesels in May.

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