Diesel cars on the nose as buyers return to petrol power

UK car buyers are heading back to petrol-powered cars in 2016

Diesel cars on the nose as buyers return to petrol power

Fuel prices are comparatively low and the fallout from the ‘Diesel-gate’ scandal are two reasons for a strong return in interest in petrol-powered cars in the UK in 2016.

What Car? has conducted research that has found more than seven in 10 prospective car buyers today would be likely or very likely to choose a petrol-powered car.

That number compares to just the four in 10 who would consider buying a diesel.

The research also showed that hybrids and electric cars are even less tempting for prospective car buyers, with between 12% and 32% of buyers considering a hybrid.

While more than 48% of buyers would be very unlikely to consider an EV.

What Car? editor, Steve Huntingford, said concerns about protecting the environment simply aren’t registering as a high priority among car buyers.

“Buyers appear not to be overly concerned about environmental factors.

“Car buying is usually determined by the financial aspects of the purchase; if buyers fear a diesel crackdown and petrol engines are cheaper to buy while being almost as efficient, it’s easy to understand the changes taking place.”

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