Diesel car/SUV sales set to tank in 2018

Big sales slowdown in Europe as buyers turn from diesel

You wouldn’t want to be marketing a car in 2018 that is only available with a diesel engine – it seems car/SUV buyers are increasingly disinterested in the ‘alternative fuel’.

New 2017 car sales data out of Europe, where diesel car/SUV sales have been strong for years, shows diesel volumes fell by 7.9% to 6.76 million units in 2017.

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The decline in diesel-powered vehicle sales coming despite a 3.1% lift in overall sales across Europe and a 19.5% escalation in SUV sales in 2017.

The data, released by JATO Dynamics, shows diesel car/SUV sales in Europe last year made up just 43.7% of total registrations, the lowest market share for diesel in a decade.

Conversely, sales of gasoline-powered cars/SUVs lifted 10.9%, and electric and hybrid models jumped ahead an impressive 46.1% with 737,400 total registrations.

Just under 5% of all European cars/SUVs handed over to customers in 2017 had a hybrid/electric powertrain.

For the record, Volkswagen’s 1.694 million sales in 2017 enabled the German brand to hold on to top spot, VW finishing ahead of Renault (1.142 million) and Ford (1.048 million).

The decline in diesel vehicle sales in Europe correspond with a significant decline in interest in diesel-powered cars/SUVs in Australia.

The VFACTS report for 2017 shows diesel sales to private Australian passenger car buyers dipped 20.8% last year.

The only bright spot was the strong increase in demand for commercial vehicles (i.e. dual-cab utes) among both private and non-private buyers in 2017.

Diesel sales in these segments increased 6.5% and 14.2% respectively in 2017.

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Are you planning on buying a diesel-powered car/SUV in 2018? Are you still a fan of diesel? Or would you prefer a petrol, hybrid or electric-powered car/SUV?

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