Dealing with Tailgating Drivers

Dealing with Tailgating Drivers

Tailgating drivers cause crashes, here’s some tips.

Dealing with Tailgating Drivers
Dealing with Tailgating Drivers - road rage blamed on 1500 deaths on U.S. roads alone each year.

A recent study found that as many as 1,500 people are killed in the U.S. alone each year as a result of road rage.

Unfortunately, road rage is something that most drivers, even here in Australia, have either witnessed, experienced, or even dealt out to a fellow road user.

A recent study out of the U.S. has found that tailgating is the number one cause of road rage.

The Hartford Courant found often it was novice drivers, those aged under 20, that were the most likely motorists to follow too closely to the vehicle in front.

So what do you do if a car is tailgating you? Well there are a few strategies you can adopt.

Firstly, stay calm – remember how the study found it was the most common cause of road rage?

Do not slam on your brakes, honk your horn or use angry gestures. Instead, if there is an alternate lane, safely move over so the other car can pass.

If you can’t move over, slowly increase the distance between your car and the one in front of you. That way, if the tailgater hits you, you’re less likely to hit another car.

And most importantly, if you feel the car following you is being aggressive towards you, following you, or you are concerned about your safety, don’t stop your vehicle. Police say the best thing to do is drive to your nearest police station and try to take a note of the other cars license plate.

We hope that helps. Got any other tips on dealing with tailgaters or aggressive drivers? Send us an email via [email protected] or send us a note via our Contact page.

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