Crystal CB Radio DBH10R 1W Review

Crystal CB Radio DBH10R 1W Review

Simon Lai reviews the Crystal DBH10R CB Radio

Crystal CB Radio DBH10R 1W Review
Crystal CB Radio DBH10R 1W Review.

A CB radio can be a handy gadget to have in your vehicle if travelling in a convoy for a little off-roading or camping. Even more so if you plan to stay in contact in areas devoid of phone reception.

Crystal have a range of hand held UHF CB radios which we’ll take a look at over the next three reviews.

The first cab off the rank is their semi-pro model the DBH10R which is dissimilar in design from the other radios in the Crystal range.

It has large, clearly labelled and dedicated buttons for the functions – channel, volume, call and power.

However, the positioning of the push to talk (PTT) and the monitor (MON) buttons on the same pad led to a few slip ups.

The 10R has a transmission power of 1 watt and the manufacturer claims a maximum range of 9km (but this depends on a number of factors). But CB radios of this nature of course work best in a straight, unobstructed line.

There is also a more powerful 2W version available - the DBH20R.

The 1W and 2W models are also rechargeable and comes with a battery pack and desktop charger which also serves as a storage cradle.

The Crystal DBH10R goes for RRP $149.99 and the DBH20R is $169.99.

The Crystal range of UHF CB Radio all come with 80 channels and an attachable belt clip and are available from Autobarn and independent automotive retailers.

For our other Crystal reviews check out the DBH09R and the DBH05.

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