Crystal CB Radio DBH09R 1W Review

Crystal CB Radio DBH09R 1W Review

Simon Lai reviews the Crystal DBH09R CB Radio

Crystal CB Radio DBH09R 1W Review
Crystal CB Radio DBH09R 1W Review.

We take a look at the DBH09R as we continue our reviews of the CB radio range by Crystal.

This next model  also has a transmission power of 1W but has a different, more compact design coated in a camo pattern.

I actually found the DBH09R to be the clearest of the lot I trialled passing the difficult test of receiving in an urban setting.

Even with streets, homes, buildings in the way the 09R still came through loud and clear. The 10R also performed well under same test but the 09R still had marginally better reception and clarity.

The claimed maximum range is 8km and like the 10R/20R is rechargeable and comes with a battery pack and desktop charger.

Crystal CB radios are also duplex meaning they can transmit on a different frequency to the one it receives on.

The Crystal DBH09R has a RRP of $99.99.

The Crystal range of UHF CB Radio all come with 80 channels and an attachable belt clip and are available from Autobarn and independent automotive retailers.

For our other Crystal reviews check out the DBH10R and the DBH05.

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