Coolest new car of 2017?

zarooq motors sandracer

It just has to be the Zarooq!

You can keep your Ferraris and Lamborghinis – nothing is cooler than this incredible vehicle from the UAE and Monaco based Zarooq Motors!

It’s called the Zarooq Sandracer 500GT and it’s the first car ever to be built by the brand.

Zarooq executive, Mohammed Al Qadi, describes it as a supercar that’s just as at home on a luxurious commute as it is bashing across sand dunes.

“All Supercars look fantastic, feature luxurious racing-inspired interiors and are exclusive high performance machines, but their common denominator is that they are suited to racetracks and certainly not designed for speed bumps.

“Zarooq Motors makes supercars that are unique since you can take them on a week-end track day or for a luxurious commute in the city but also on any off-road terrain, even the toughest dunes of the Arabian Desert where they were born.”

Featuring two seats, luxury hand-stitched leather interior and regular car conveniences like Apple CarPlay, its underneath where the Zarooq Sandracer really amps things up.

It has a complete carbon fibre body and weighs only 1,200kg.

While power comes from a 390kW/660Nm 6.2 litre V8 engine mated to a five-speed sequential gearbox.

zarooz sandracer 500gtChief engineer, Philippe Gautheron, says the two suspension height settings (road and sand) give as much as 45cm of suspension travel.

He says this gives the car its unique on and off-road ability.

“We combined what is usually impossible: the quality and performance of a racing car with the practicality and durability expected from a road-homologated supercar which can be used as a day-to-day vehicle.”

Sales of the first limited-edition series of 35 supercars will start in the fourth quarter of the year with a starting price of about $570,000 AUD.

Coolest new car of 2017? Absolutely!

We will bring you more details on the development of Zarooq Motors, including any news in regards to Australian presence for the brand.

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