Confused car buyers say its all too hard

Research finds info overload stifling car buyers

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We like to pride ourselves on being an assistant in the car buying process, but a new UK study has found all the info available to car owners in 2017 might actually be preventing people from making the right car choice.

The Auto Trader Car Buyers Report tracked every element of the car buying process from contemplation through to purchase and found what most of us already knew – a lot of people really don’t like going through the process.

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85% of respondents described buying a car today (either new or used) as being a “hard” process.

The study finding that the process of car buying is so difficult that 60% of car buyers are giving up their search for their ideal car and just making a purchase out of exhaustion.

This was even more prevalent with younger buyers - 75% of 17-24-year-old car buyers stated they were “tired of looking around”.

It was found that car buyers are feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available to them in 2017.

This info overload is causing many people to go back and reconsider their car choice sometimes multiple times.

  • 49% of buyers changed their mind about the make they were considering at least once
  • 48% of buyers changed their mind about the model and 40% the type of car

Ian Plummer, Auto Trader’s Manufacturing and Agency Director, says many respondents described the car buying process as being ‘like snakes and ladders’.

“Fatigued consumers are clearly looking for brands that are able to simplify the process, the options and the offers available.

“What’s more, the frequent flipping between new or used, make or model, means consumers are no longer looking for a new car or a used car, but rather their next car.”

So, how can we help car buyers in the future?

Targeted digital marketing can not only influence the purchase decision, but also create the opportunity to both retain loyal customers, as well as attract new ones, even at the final stages of their journey.” said Ian.

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How do you feel about the car buying process? Are you confused? Stressed? Or is the info available to you via websites such as ours a help?

We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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