Comfort and safety tips for older drivers

Comfort and safety tips for older drivers

New video has handy tips for older drivers and passengers.

Comfort and safety tips for older drivers

Comfort and safety tips for older drivers - the video contains interesting tips and products that can help make senior motoring safer and easier.

A new video has been produced aimed at making life easier, safer and more comfortable for older drivers and their passengers.

Produced by U.K. road safety and breakdown cover specialist GEM Motoring Assist, the free video runs around eight minutes and looks at how the process of ageing can affect our ability to get in and out of the car, or drive around safely and in comfort.

GEM chief executive David Williams says the new senior drivers hints and tips video offers ideas that should make car journeys a bit easier and more enjoyable again.

“We look at whether your car is as suitable for your needs and circumstances as it once was.

“Since for most of us, the cost of changing cars is likely to be prohibitive, we also demonstrate inexpensive but safe devices that can reduce the discomfort associated with getting in and out, loading heavy luggage, turning your neck or fastening your seatbelt.”

To view the video, simply visit:

The release of the video comes just days after the release of a handy new interactive e-learning resource aimed at making sure our vision is up to scratch before we get behind the wheel. You can read more on that here. Also, check out our list of the Best Cars for Seniors.

In related news; Calls for tougher licensing rules for seniors and Drivers support senior driver identifiers.

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