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Client reservations open for Mercedes-Benz first ute

Mercedes-Benz UK starts taking deposits for new X-Class…

Client reservations open for Mercedes-Benz first ute

In case you missed the news – Mercedes-Benz will make its first foray into the ute/pick-up market this year.

With the help of Nissan, Mercedes-Benz will call its inaugural ute the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and we can expect to see it in Australian dealerships next year.

With production just getting underway, Mercedes-Benz has just started taking ‘reservations’ for the new offering.

Mercedes-Benz UK has been the first market to open the order books for the X-Class with the reservation service inviting potential customers to leave a refundable reservation fee for a Mercedes-Benz ute.

The German car company telling us this £1,000 ($1,600 AUD) reservation ensures those buyers are the among the first to order and take delivery of the new offering.

Client reservations open for Mercedes-Benz first ute“Many customers we have spoken to have a strong desire to be amongst the first to own the new X-Class, which is incredible considering that it hasn’t been unveiled yet!” says Steve Bridge, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK.

We will bring you more Mercedes-Benz X-Class News as it comes to hand.

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