Clever rear-view mirror tech for 2018 Nissan Patrol

Intelligent Rear View Mirror said to give better vision

nissan irvm nissan patrol

The Nissan Patrol is a giant of a thing and that means driving it around can provide a few more challenges than your average passenger car or small SUV.

And of course, simply by their long and tall design large 4x4s such as the Patrol have traditionally not provided great rear visibility.

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But Nissan might have a solution with the arrival of the significantly updated 2018 Nissan Patrol (seen below).

It’s called ‘Intelligent Rear-View Mirror’ (or I-RVM) and they say its a first for both Nissan and the segment in Australia.

I-RVM has been innovatively designed to help drivers “see around” second and back row interior obstacles, improving visibility and helping maintain a clear view of the conditions and traffic behind them. - Nissan

The system, which will come standard on the top-spec Ti-L version of the Patrol, uses an integrated LCD monitor that displays the image captured by the rear-view camera (and not just when you are backing-up).

You can choose between the mirror image and the camera image (as seen above) by flicking a switch on the bottom of the mirror (even on the go).

Nissan’s brand and communications boss Rebecca Williams tells us the camera-based function gives drivers an unimpeded rear view.

“If the second row is full of passengers or the car is packed to the roof, the driver will still have perfect vision out the back of the vehicle.

“This certainly offers peace of mind.”

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The 2018 Nissan Patrol range is priced from $71,990 (Ti) and $88,990 (Ti-L).

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