Clever new app rewards safe teen driving

Milez app rewards teen drivers for ignoring their phones...

Clever new app rewards safe teen driving

Most kids have had to earn pocket money, often from tasks like taking out the bins or washing up, but now there’s an app that rewards teenagers for safe driving.

The Milez app allows parents to reward their teen drivers by depositing money into their PayPal account when they ignore their phone while they drive.

For every 200 miles (320km) that the teen driver travels without using their phone, Milez sends cash to the teen’s account.

If the young driver turns off the app, or uses apps while the vehicle is moving, they stop earning rewards.

Tudor Cobalas, co-founder of Milez, says the app could be a lifesaver.

“We’re happy to have listened to more than 10,000 drivers in the U.S. that pushed us to develop a version for teenagers.

“Eleven teens die daily in the U.S. and many more are injured. We see a big potential in solving this problem by creating a new means to get for miles.”

The Milez app is now available in the app store.

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